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Just after its effective collagen solution, Vida Glow has introduced the ANTI-G-OX powder to “aid sugar fat burning capacity and encourage pores and skin regeneration.” ANTI-G-OX targets the “damaging environmental and way of living factors” that influence one’s health on the cellular degree, which is wherever the process of growing older is known to get started. The formulation combines all-natural antioxidant and anti-glycant components.

Vida Glow flags the create-up of oxidative stress—when bodies are overburdened by publicity to cost-free radicals from radiation, air pollution, pesticides, smoke, and even some food—and glycation, which is the course of action of sugar setting up up in the technique and developing compounds termed AGEs. When these agents accumulate in the body, they make the skin barrier susceptible, set off inflammation, and trigger wrinkles, sagging, and boring pores and skin. Vida Glow’s ANTI-G-OX pure beauty complement powder is meant to develop a defense method against this.

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